Teaching Russian is my passion! Russian resources!

I am a very happy person because I can share this passion for Russian with other people.
On this page you can find Russian books and methods created by my partners who have also become my friends! I highly recommend their work for your Russian studies. Studying Russian with them is a lot of fun!

Ignaty Dyakov

Unconventional Russian language textbooks

Stanislav Chernyshov

Author of “Поехали!”. Russian language teacher at Extra Class Language Centre

Learn Russian online


One-on-one Russian classes with native speakers and professional certified tutors from Russia via Skype.

Cercle Kondratieff

French and Russian think tank in Paris

Russian resources


Russian phonetic transcription – learn how to correctly pronounce Russian words!

Angelos Georgakis

Explore Russian

Angelos Georgakis travels in Russia and Russian speaking countries and teaches “Russian in context”: videoblogs, songs, films, cartoons, poetry, culture and more.