Спасибо всем, кто делает донаты на сайте.

Это показывает мне, что моя работа вам интересна и полезна.

Vincent from Singapore
Christen from Denmark
Nick M.-S. from the UK
Steffen from Norway
Bruno from France
Daria from France
Jenny from the USA
Emma from Switzerland
Dario S. from Italy
Ekaterina from France
Renato from Italy
Phillip from the USA
Pierre B.G. from France
Anna K. from Norway
Nicat B. from Azerbaijan
Geoffrey R.
Niel M. from Germany
Terry F.
James W. from the USA
Valentina P. from Italy
Cajetan B. from Germany
Ferruccio T. from Italy
Damian B. from the UK
Robert T. from the USA
Georges D. from France
Benjamin K.
Chad A.
Irene P. from Italy
Corinne A. from France
George M.
Amanda T.
Emir I.
Lauren J. from Canada
Andrea P.
Marko M. from the US
Sultan M.
David H.
Terry F. from the US
Matias G.
Verena D’A.
Christoffer R.
John M. from Ireland
Gerard G. from France
Yosi F. from Israel
Joanne B. from Canada
Steffen B. from the US
Mark A.
Laurence F.
Robert F. from the US
Jacob C. from Israel
Jocelyne B.
Paraíso Español Aventura
Elena C.
Jonathan S.
Thibault D.
Stuart R.
Sylvaine T
Jeff B. from the US.
Thomas W. from Ireland
Bernard L. from France
Emmanuel L. from France
Lane A. from Monaco
Claes L. from Sweden
Fabienne F. from France
Else Marie K. from Danmark
Christof L.
Michel G. from France
Sebastian B.
Anna N.
Eva J. from Hungary
István Z.
Richard R. from the UK
Denise S.
Robert G. from France
Edmund W.
Tatiana S.
Cornelia P.
Matthew A.
Claudia H.
Jason M.
Raffaella B. from Italy
Malte E.
Lee M. from the US
Michał R.
Frederick S.
Ralph M.
Michiel J. from Germany
Mathieu H. from France
Erwan K.
Jamie H.-P. from the US
Gerardo S. from Honduras
Michal O. from Slovakia
Jean-Baptiste D.
David F. from the UK
Aaron R. from the US
Benjamin N.
Silvio B.
Edward C.
Debra R.
Université populaire de Lausanne
Language Life from Spain

Kyle V. from the US
Carsten M. from Germany
Ljiljana K. from Croatia
Marc S. from the US
Alfonso U. from Spain
Mateusz D. from Poland
Jacques B. from France
Martin K. from US
Vittoria R. from Italy
Peter V. from Slovakia
Etienne G. from France
Philipp H. from Austria
Nicole W. from Canada
Ahmet D. from Netherlands
Fritz K. from the US
Xavier A. from France
Clara M. from Spain
Matthew D. from the UK
Dusan U. from the UK
Robert K. from the US
Rose B. from Switzerland
Joanne B. from Italy
Jacques D. from France
Deborah S. from Israel
Elizabeth P. from Switzerland
Wolfgang Z. from Iceland
Giordano G. from Italy
Alan M. from the UK
Shannon G. from Australia
Ivan S.W. from Mexico
Steve N. from the US
Chiara R. from Italy
Phil A. from the US
Johannes B. from the UK
Jean-Christophe B. from France
Marco I. from Italy
Douglas H. from the US
Andreas C. from Sweden
Anna A. from Italy
Xiaofeng H. from Spain
Marc A. from Canada
Stéphanie L. from France
Scott K. from the US
Thomas S. from the UK
Fatih A. from Turkey
Rowanne W. from Australia
Edouard R. from France
Bryan R. from the US
Diego R. from Spain
Giancarlo R. from Italy
Etienne G. from France
Kamila K. from Poland
Christian H. frim Germany
Richard W. from France
Klaus G. from Germany
Giacomo Z. from Italy
Dominik W. from Germany
Hans Z. from Germany
Monica S. from Spain
Jesus P. from Spain
Douglas H. from the US
Emanuele D’A. from Italy
Juan Carlos M. from Spain
John B. from the US
Casimir S. from Luxembourg
Philippe C. from France
Eric R. from France
Cyril M. from France
Maria T. from France
Eduardo T. from Brazil
C.A from Switzerland
Ignacio M. from Canada
Nicholas W. from Germany
Dan S. from the US
Florian I. from Spain
Thomas M. from the UK

Mervyn B. from the UK
Tobias K. from Germany
Silvio Fernando from Brazil
Roger de B. from Netherlands
Systemaworks from India
Russell M. from the US
Janosch L. from Germany
Lorenza P. from Italy
Gabriel G. from France
Thiago S. from Brazil
Marc B. from Switzerland
Tim D. from Netherlands
Rodolphe B. from France
Lýdia M. from Slovakia
Robert K. from the US
Maria G. from Italy
Emanuele D’A. from Italy
William F. from Sweden
Klaus G. from Germany
Christoph K. from Germany
Andrew D. from the UK
Jacob C. from Israel
Tony O. from France
Cyro L. from Brazil
Emilio T. from France
Konrad G. from France
Mark A. from Australia
Maher S. from the USA
Rosa S. from Spain
Agnès G. from France
Ruben F. from Russia
Dravasp J.  from Switzerland
Walter R. from Liechtenstein
Jorge H. from the UK
Christophe M. from France
Nathalie P. from France
Ales P. from Slovenia
Jean-Pierre C. from France
Manuel B. from France
Andrea K. from France
Alain E. from Switzerland
William C. from the USA
Mathieu P. from France
Alex S. from Switzerland
Malte K. from Germany
Adam D. from ths USA
Alfredo D. from France
Pierre J. from Belgium
Todd from the USA
Mark S. from the USA
Erik from Sweden
Parker H. from the USA
Alain M. from France
Chris W. from Spain
Joanna G. from Irland
Nafis U. from the USA
Guillaume P. from France
Emilia B.R. from the UK
Jonathan from the UK
Daniel from France
Alan from China
Brandon from the USA
Damian from the UK
André from Canada
Richard from the UK
Sylvain from France
John from the USA
Alain from France
Jelena from Switzerland
Eoghan from Russia
Fabien from France
Elizabeth from the USA
Carlos from Spain