Terms and conditions

1. Site presentation.
In compliance with article 6 of the law n°2004-575 from the 21st of June 2004 for trust in the digital economy, we remind the users of the site https://russianpodcast.eu of the identities of the different bodies involved in site creation and monitoring: Owner: Tatiana Klimova. Publishing director: Tatiana Klimova – tatiana@russianpodcast.eu The publishing director is a real person or a company. Webmaster: Tatiana Klimova. Host: 1and1 – 7, place de la Gare – 57200 SARREGUEMINES.

2. General conditions of use for the site and the services provided
The use of the site https://russianpodcast.eu implies full and complete acceptance of the general user conditions, described below. These user conditions are liable to be modified or completed at any time, so the users of the site https://russianpodcast.eu are advised to consult them regularly. This site should be accessible at any time by visitors. However, the site may be taken offline for technical maintenance by https://russianpodcast.eu, who will take it upon themselves to announce the date and time of the intervention. The site https://russianpodcast.eu is regularly updated by Tatiana Klimova. Similarly, the terms and conditions may be modified at any time: in all events they apply to the user who is advised to refer to them as often as possible to familiarize him or herself with them.

3. Description of the services provided
The site https://russianpodcast.eu is intended to provide free and paid services related to Russian language and to languages in general. Russian Podcast is committed to providing, on the https://russianpodcast.eu site, information as accurately as possible. However, the company may not be held responsible for omissions, errors and gaps in any updates, whether they are caused by the company or by a third party supplying the information. Also, the information on the site https://russianpodcast.eu is not comprehensive. It is made available but may be modified after the original date of publication.

4. Products

Russian Podcast sells PDF-books, podcasts full transcript Packs and Membership access to additional protected content named Russian Dacha Club.

PDF-book shall mean document in PDF format related to Russian language.

Podcast shall mean an mp3 audio file recorded by Tatiana Klimova.

Russian Dacha podcast shall mean mp3 audio file only available for the Russian Dacha Club members.

Russian Dacha Club is a paid membership service provided by Tatiana Klimova via https://russianpodcast.eu.

Podcasts full transcript shall mean PDF document in which all the words of a Russian podcast are transcribed.

Transcript Pack shall mean ZIP or RAR-archive file containing 50 (fifty) podcast transcripts.

Content shall mean the downloadable files which are interpreted by a client web browser for display with or without plug-ins.

5. Payment and refunding policy

Tatiana Klimova supplies an example of the first chapter of every PDF-book. In that way users can check the book’s level and the quality of the content. Therefore, the PDF-books are not refundable.

Packs of Transcripts
Tatiana Klimova supplies samples of the Podcast transcripts, as well as the full list of the podcasts in every Pack. Therefore, the Transcript packs are not refundable.

Russian Dacha Club

  • Monthly payments
    Russian Dacha Club monthly subscription can be cancelled at any moment. However, the user will preserve their access to the membership area until the end of the period for which they have paid. For example, if a user paid on the 1st of June and then cancelled on the 15th of June, the subscription will run until the 1st of July.
    If a mistake happened and the user was charged twice, Tatiana Klimova will issue a refund.
  • Yearly payments
    If a user chooses to pay once for the whole year, a discount will apply. Because of this discount the Russian Dacha Club yearly payment isn’t refundable. However, if Tatiana Klimova fails to provide the content which was promised before the purchase (the monthly number of additional podcasts), she will issue a refund proportionally.

5.Intellectual property and fraud
Tatiana Klimova is the holder of the intellectual property rights pertaining to the usage rights of all the accessible site elements, especially the text, images, graphics, logo, icons, sounds, videos and software. Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication or adaptation of all or part of the site elements, no matter which resources or techniques used, is prohibited without prior written consent of: Tatiana Klimova. Any unauthorized use of the site or any of its elements will be considered an act of fraud and will be prosecuted in compliance with the measures laid out in articles L.335-2, and following the Intellectual Property Code.

All the podcasts, PDF-books and transcripts sold on https://russianpodcast.eu are copyrighted by Tatiana Klimova. By downloading the podcasts, the user agrees to use them for their personal use only, or, if the user is a teacher of Russian, in their classroom.
Podcasts cannot be re-distributed, posted, shared, or placed on another server without the express written permission of the Tatiana Klimova.

6. Limitations of liability
Tatiana Klimova may not be held responsible for direct or indirect damages to the user’s equipment while accessing Russian Podcast’s website. Tatiana Klimova may also not be held responsible for indirect damages. Interactive areas (with the opportunity to ask questions on the contact page) are available to users. Tatiana Klimova reserves the right to remove without prior notice any content left in this space which is in breach of the applicable legislation in France, especially in relation to data protection. If necessary, Tatiana Klimova also reserves the right to put into effect the civil and/or criminal responsibility of the user, especially in the event of a message containing racist, abusive, defamatory or pornographic material, whatever means of communication is used (text, photograph…)

7. Personal data management
In France, personal information is protected by the law n° 78-87 from the 6th of January 1978, the law n° 2004-801 from the 6th of August 2004, article 226-13 of the Penal Code and the European Directive from the 24th of October 1995. While using the site https://russianpodcast.eu, the following may be collected: the URL of any third party link used by the user to access the site https://russianpodcast.eu, the user’s access supplier, the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address.
In any event, Tatiana Klimova only collects personal information concerning the user for use by certain services offered by the site https://russianpodcast.eu. The user supplies this information in full awareness, especially when entering them him- or herself onto the site. It should be noted by the user of https://russianpodcast.eu that he or she is not obliged to supply this information. In compliance with the terms of articles 38 and according to the law 78-17 from the 6th of January 1978 concerning computers, files and liberty, every user has the right to access, rectify and oppose any personal information concerning them by sending a written and signed request, with a copy of an identity document and signature of the document holder and the address to which the reply is to be sent.

No personal information about a user of the site https://russianpodcast.eu is published without the knowledge of the user or exchanged, transferred, given or sold using any means to a third party. Only a hypothetical purchase of Russian Podcast and their rights would enable the transmission of said information to the purchaser, who in turn would be bound by the same data conservation and modification obligations towards the user of the site https://russianpodcast.eu.
The site has not been declared to the CNIL because it does not collect personal information. The databases are protected by the terms of the law from the 1st of July 1998 which implements the directive 96/9 from the 11th of March 1996 concerning the legal protection of databases.

Hypertext links and cookies
The site https://russianpodcast.eu contains a certain number of hypertext links towards other sites, inserted with the authorization of Tatiana Klimova. However, Tatiana Klimova does not have the ability to check the content of the sites visited via these links, and will not be held responsible for it.
Navigation onto the site https://russianpodcast.eu is liable to initiate the installation of cookie(s) onto the user’s computer. A cookie is a small file which does not enable the identification of the user, but records data relating to the navigation of a computer on a site. Data obtained in this way aim to facilitate future browsing on this site, and also permit various ways of visiting the site.
Refusing to install a cookie may result in the inability to access certain services. The user may however configure his or her computer in the following way in order to block cookie installation: With Internet Explorer: tools tab/ internet options. Click on confidentiality and choose Block all cookies. Validate by clicking OK. Using Netscape: edit tab/ preferences. Click Advanced and choose Deactivate cookies. Validate by clicking OK.

Google Analytics
https://russianpodcast.eu uses the Google Analytics and Google Analytics Advertising Services, services. Tatiana Klimova does not collect personally identifiable information with these services, nor associate that information with any remarketing cookies, lists, or services. https://russianpodcast.eu never shares personally identifiable information, including demographics and location, with Google, including on any remarketing and/or data feed.
Users should be aware that if they voluntarily disclose personal information (e.g., user name, email address) in the comments or any other user or member generated pages, that information can be collected and used by others and may result in unsolicited messages from other parties.

Applicable law and application of jurisdiction
Any legal action concerning the use of the site https://russianpodcast.eu is subject to French law. It is exclusively attributed to the jurisdiction of the relevant courts in Paris.

The primary laws concerned
The law n° 78-87 from the 6th of January 1978, especially modified by the law n° 2004-801 from the 6th of June 2004 relating to computers, files and liberty. The law n° 2004-575 from the 21st of June 2004 for trust in the digital economy.


User: internet user connecting to the aforementioned site. Personal information: “the information which enables, under any form, directly or indirectly, the identification of the physical individuals to which it applies” (article 4 of the law n° 78-17 from the 6th of January 1978).