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Дорогие друзья! Недавно мои коллеги с сайта Lingholic опубликовали мою статью о причинах, по которым стоит изучать русский язык. Время от времени я говорю о русском языке и о языках вообще в режиме Facebook Live на их страничке. Если вы хотите прочитать полную статью – читайте на сайте Lingholic!

Dear friends! Recently my colleagues from Lingholic published my article dedicated to some reasons to learn Russian. From time to time I talk about Russian and about languages in general in Facebook Live mode on their page. If you want to read the whole article, visit Lingholic’s website!

1. Russian is on the top 10 most spoken languages around the world and knowing it  can be useful in so many places. It will help you  get in touch with people from Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. In Azerbaijan, Russian is mostly spoken by the upper class and in Baltic countries by the older generation. It is also very popular in Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and even Israel! By the way, even though young people from these countries now speak English, older people still mostly speak Russian.  One more reason to start learning!

2. Russian pronunciation very easy and pretty much the same all over Russia.Let’s compare it with English which has more than 20 accents and many more  local dialects. Imagine yourself learning English: you will probably learn the “Received Pronunciation” or “The Standard English”. When learning English, I decided to improve my English pronunciation, and I started taking private lessons to obtain “an ideal British accent” with a teacher. I wish you could see how my British friends mocked me when they heard me
use he it, because the ideal English accent simply doesn’t exist! But when learning Russian, you will learn an accent which is shared across the entire Russian Federation.

3. Don’t be scared of Russian cases (when words change their endings depending on their role in the sentence). Firstly, they are quite logical and there aren’t many exceptions. Secondly, if you have studied Latin or German, these languages will certainly help you. There are six cases in Russian (which is nothing compared to Hungarian), but many cases have the same endings, which makes things easier.

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